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Iron Press


 With a Fast Press you can iron while sitting down.  So simple to use on anything from trousers to shirts, blouses, sheets and t-shirts.


  • 65cm x 53 x 21cm
  • 1500 Watt
  • Supertherm plate
  • Auto shut off
  • 12.5kg weight
  • Portable
  • Ironing pressure 46kg
  • Pressure sensitive handle
  • Lower power use


  NOW €999


One of the most advanced, reliable and economical presses you can buy, the Blanca press will enable you to breeze through any kind of garment or flat item with ease, and while sitting down.

Your sheets can be folded and ironed up to four layers at a time, tablecloths and napkins at the same time, plus shirts, trousers and blouses can be pressed in half the time of normal pressing.

SAFE, SIMPLE and STURDY the Blanca press is designed for years of continuous hard use.

The Blanca press is the only mid size press on the market capable of doing all this and is ideal for GUEST HOUSES, SMALL HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, NURSING HOMES, DRY CLEANERS AND SMALL LAUNDRIES.


  • 79cm x 57cm x 22cm

  • 17kg weight

  • 220 / 240 voltage

  • Temp range: 50 – 190c

  • Teflon coated plate

  • 1500w