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We offer a repair service on all makes of sewing machines from privately owned machines to SCHOOLS and COLLEGES.


All work comes with a 3 month guarantee.

Repair Estimates are provided first

Our workshop is on site so drop in your machine to be serviced or repaired to us in either Navan or Limerick. Once our mechanic has checked your machine we will contact you with an estimate of the service or repair. Once you have made a decision the mechanic will carry out the work and we will contact you when the machine is ready to be collected. You will receive a 3 month guarantee on the work carried out.
However you may wish to try the following tips at home first:
  • Check that your tension dial is set correctly.  Most sewing machines tension dial should be set between 3 and 5.
  • Check you have inserted the needle correctly.  Depending on the model and age of your machines the flat side of the needle usually faces to the back.  Make sure your needle is inserted fully.
  • Make sure you are using the correct bobbin for your machine.  It is very common to assume that all sewing machines take the same bobbin, however this is not the case.  Different models may use different sized bobbins.
  • Re-thread your sewing machine and make sure thread is correctly inserted into the tension discs.
If your machine is still causing problems then drop in your machine to us for an estimate and our service department will get your machine back to you as soon as possible.